Faith F. Goodman BSc, BEd, MBA, ICD.D

CEO Goodman Sustainability Group

Founder and Board Director VeriStell Institute

Founder and Board Director Until The Last Child

Faith is the CEO of a global consulting firm focusing on ESG and Corporate Purpose as the new business essentials. Faith is leading international collaborations in the development of an authoritative framework for Corporate Purpose. Faith has extensive expertise in ESG & Purpose. She is at the forefront of helping firms consider that a global shift is redefining the contract between businesses and their communities from simply “being responsible” to creating real shareholder and social value. A competitive advantage awaits those who embrace this emerging sustainability frontier.

Faith is also the Founder of the NFP – the VeriStell Institute – a global think-tank, bringing together the world’s leading voices on corporate sustainability with a view to “mainstreaming” Corporate Purpose in developed countries. She has 40 years of commercial, operations, and policy experience in the energy sector, including a decade of managing climate change policy matters across Canada. As a former Vice President of Energy Supply & Trading for Suncor Energy, and the lead on Climate policy/facility benchmarking for some of Canada’s largest energy firms, Faith understands the complexity and gravity of delivering on credible ESG in high carbon intensive industries. She understands the corporate tradeoffs of remaining competitive while concurrently making meaningful and transparent progress on ESG.

In addition, as Founder and Board Director of an award-winning registered pan Canadian Child Welfare Charity (Until The Last Child), Faith understands the opportunities for Public Private Partnerships with a view to driving societal solutions and transparent progress on the “S” in ESG. The Charity is also the winner of the RBC 2017 Social Finance award cementing her status as a trusted strategic advisor, leading social entrepreneur, and thought leader. Her deep knowledge of social finance models is further evidence of her Social Impact credentials. Her award-winning sustainability performance and high caliber consensus building with Industry, Government, First Nations and Metis community groups, and academia is recognized. The evidence of this social innovation work culminated in a successful Pilot Project in collaboration with the province of Manitoba, Indigenous communities, U Manitoba and Deloitte. The project ably demonstrated that business can play a vital co-creation role in solving complex social policy issues. Faith is also amongst a small group of leaders globally who have launched a Social Impact Bond. Faith understands the imperative for firms to get the “S” in ESG right. Her work is now recognized globally and the Charity has been invited to work internationally.

Faith’s expertise also includes Indigenous community partnerships; provincial partnerships; energy sector commercial sales and marketing, infrastructure management (pipelines, trucking, marine, rail); futures trading; joint-venture management (biofuels and transportation fuels, electricity, natural gas). In addition, Faith has also been a frequent speaker on ESG and Corporate Purpose at global events. Faith is also authoring a forthcoming book on Corporate Purpose to be published in early 2022 on the subject of Corporate Purpose.