Faith Goodman

Advocate for Sustainability


“Social Purpose” Entrepreneur

Faith is the CEO of Goodman Sustainability Group focused on helping organizations deliver their CSR, ESG and Social Purpose strategies. Her 35 years of work experience in the Energy Sector and in Canadian child welfare reform has provided an illuminating perspective on the value of Public-Private Partnerships and the imperative for multi-Stakeholder consensus models. The hard, new truth of our time is that CSR and ESG as a brand strategy is no longer the gold standard – the next frontier is Social Purpose. This will have tectonic convergence implications for both the NFP and Corporate sectors. Faith’s framework for social policy innovation (government and business partnerships) has yielded instructive and positive lessons learned. And her track record of success in the for profit and not-for-profit sectors speaks to her confirmed status as a trusted strategic advisor and a thought leader with high integrity. Her award-winning sustainability performance and high caliber consensus building with Industry, Government and diverse Stakeholders is also recognized.

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Chief Executive Officer

Forging a new model for Corporate Purpose & ESG: The new frontier for Sustainability

Founder &
Board Director

Dedicated to global research and thought leadership on ESG & Corporate Purpose

Senior Editor

Global forum for tough conversations on ESG & Corporate Purpose implementation


Advocating for the welfare of Canadian children, because every child deserves a forever home