Advocate for Sustainability
Social Purpose Entrepreneur

CEO, Goodman Sustainability Group
Founder & Board Director, VeriStell Institute
Founder & Board Director, Until The Last Child
Senior Editor, The Social Purpose Exchange

Daring to Leap: Global Conversations on ESG & Corporate Purpose

VeriStell Institute and The Walrus are the first in the world to launch a global online forum about Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Purpose as the new business essentials. Join global leaders as they talk about what is happening on the cutting edge of sustainability and shine a spotlight on those global brands who are actually doing the work.

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Chief Executive Officer

Founder &
Board Director

Dedicated to global research and thought leadership on ESG & Corporate Purpose

Senior Editor

Global forum for tough conversations on ESG & Corporate Purpose implementation


Advocating for the welfare of Canadian children, because every child deserves a forever home